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Mondays usually represent a brand new start of the week, a fresh start to a great week. Building on that, we wanted our café to be warm, comforting and inviting for everyone to chill and dine at. Be it their mid day cuppa coffee, or a good ol' steak and eggs served on our warm skillets that not just warms the food on it, but the hearts of the people enjoying the dish as well.

Being inclusive has always been our mission and Canelés being a delicious dessert that usually has alcohol mixed into it would mean a part of our community would not be able to try this crispy outer shell with a soft inner texture pastry. Therefore we made it our mission to create our version of Canelés that everyone can enjoy!

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Corsican Peach & Burrata
Beetroot & Pumpkin
Chili Con Carne Rosti
Steak & Eggs
Truffle Cèpes Bow Tie & Melted Cheese
Miso Pacific Cod
Garlic Tiger Prawns
Lemon Merigue Pavlova
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